Impact holding companies: Breaking the chains of the 10-year fund is harder than it looks

  • Concerns... Lack of liquidity has been a challenge in getting more than a few investors to buy into the holding company structure for impact investments.
  • Patience... The traditional private equity fund—typically spanning 10 years—often doesn’t give companies the time they need to generate value or impact.
  • Solutions... Paying dividends, allowing investors to sell shares on a private secondary market, and taking the company public can address these concerns.

Three seafood funds seek to establish an investment trend in sustainable fisheries

Managing wild fisheries with proven sustainability practices can mean bigger, not smaller, catches of tasty seafood. That creates an opportunity for investors with a long-term view who are willing to invest through the transition period required for depleted fisheries to recover. Three fund managers who are early adopters of such a strategy have joined forces with the