Native American tribes conserve forests to cut carbon and capitalize on California’s market

  • Native American tribes have become a driving force on California’s carbon markets, making millions of dollars while conserving native lands.
  • With a nearly half-billion dollar philanthropic commitment to forests and land conservation, a group of foundations are putting such efforts by indigenous people at the forefront of the climate agenda.

At the Vatican, investors target the unfortunate growth market in refugees and migrants

ImpactAlpha, Rome, July 10 –– The Vatican’s interest in impact investing in the last few years has coincided with the growth in the number of refugees and migrants worldwide. At the Third Vatican Conference on Impact Investing in Rome this week, refugees and migrants were top of mind both on the panels and in the halls.

Catholic Relief Services targets loans for clean, reliable water in El Salvador

Vatican shines a spotlight on impact investing in refugees and the poor

Rome, July 9 — They caught my eye as soon as I entered the hall for the Third Vatican Conference on Impact Investing, sitting in the third row and wearing light blue habits. At your typical financial conference, you don’t find nuns and bishops among the fund managers, investors and analysts. The sisters from the

Impact holding companies: Breaking the chains of the 10-year fund is harder than it looks

  • Concerns... Lack of liquidity has been a challenge in getting more than a few investors to buy into the holding company structure for impact investments.
  • Patience... The traditional private equity fund—typically spanning 10 years—often doesn’t give companies the time they need to generate value or impact.
  • Solutions... Paying dividends, allowing investors to sell shares on a private secondary market, and taking the company public can address these concerns.