Climate change is fiction, in New York 2140

Sea levels have risen 50 feet, submerging much of New York City. But 40 years after the climate crisis of 2100, life in Gotham has settled into a new normal. “Every street has become a canal; every skyscraper an island, linked by sky bridges and boat taxis.” That’s the future sketched by Kim Stanley Robinson

TPG’s Rise Fund’s second deal is a $50 million investment in an Indian dairy

Dodla Dairy, based in Hyderabad, is a 22 year-old company that works with 250,000 smallholder farmers across 7,000 southern Indian villages, many of them surviving on the brink of poverty. The Rise Fund’s first investment in the food and agriculture sector comes a week after its first impact deal, a $120 million investment in edtech company

Medici Ventures invests in Ripio to bring bitcoin to the unbanked in Latin America’s venture fund Medici Ventures has invested $428,000 in Ripio, a bitcoin exchange startup based in Argentina. Ripio’s platform offers remittance and other financial services to 70,000 users in Argentina and Brazil and is expanding to Mexico and Colombia. A host of startups are working on blockchain-based remittance and financial services. “It feels like blockchain

Karnataka fund to boost organic agtech innovation in India

The Indian state of Karnataka, home to India’s startup and tech capital Bangalore, is launching a 10 crore rupees ($1.6 million) fund for agriculture tech startups, particularly those focused on organic agriculture. Karnataka’s agriculture department is providing the capital. The move is the latest by the state to boost innovation and entrepreneurship. Karnataka has earmarked

AltSchool hauls in $40 million for personalized learning

The edtech investment wave rolls on. Tech-heavy school operator AltSchool has raised the first $40 million (of a targeted $80 million). AltSchool was launched in 2013 by Max Ventilla out of frustration with long waiting lists for San Francisco’s top school and outdated curriculums. The B-Corp’s model blends software-based individualized learning with “project-based learning” in mixed-age

Dutch pension fund PGGM acquires stake in SolarCity portfolio

PGGM, the Netherlands’ second largest pension fund, has acquired a €200 million ($218 million) stake in a SolarCity portfolio. The deal makes PGGM co-owner in 38,000 home solar systems across the U.S. with a 275-megawatt capacity. It marks PGGM’s first investment in decentralized energy generation. The Dutch fund, which has more than €200 billion ($218

Five ways public policy can promote high-quality jobs

As focus has shifted from the number of jobs to their quality, Pacific Community Ventures’ Insight team has identified five levers of U.S. policy to promote living wages, basic benefits, career- and wealth building opportunities and a fair and engaging workplace. The first step is simply to mandate the measurement and reporting of “quality jobs”