JanaJal expands Indian network of ‘water ATMs’ with $5 million from Tricolor Cleantech

JanaJal will expand its Indian network of ‘water ATMs’ with a $5 million investment from Tricolor Cleantech. JanaJal launched its low-cost water ATMs in 2013 in train stations and other public spaces to allow people to buy water with cash or top-up cards. The ATMs, which can dispense up to 20 liters, are now in five

Secha Capital makes first investment in woman-owned consumer goods startup

Women Rising Launched by former Bain & Co. consultants Brendan Mullen and Rushil Vallabh, Secha Capital in Johannesburg, has raised 35 million rand ($2.7 million) to make seven-to-10-year investments in early-stage, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and agribusiness ventures. The South African impact investment holding company took a minority stake in nativechild, also in Joburg, an

Alchemie aims to make college chemistry fun with National Science Foundation backing

Educational gaming company Alchemie is developing apps for college chemistry students with support from a $700,000 grant from the National Science Foundation’s Small Business Innovation Research grant program. The Troy, Mich. startup is developing “tactile, fun and intuitive” ways of teaching chemistry to reduce the 40 percent failure rate among college chemistry students. “These tough courses

Small businesses in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire to get $7 million from French development agency

Women Rising Small businesses in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire will receive $7 million from a French development agency. The Oasis Africa Fund, which invests in businesses offering healthcare, education, and financial services to vulnerable and underserved populations, scored a $7 million investment from AFD, the French development agency. The pledge is part of a €250

Tanzania emerges as a hub of African entrepreneurial success

Women Rising Tanzania is emerging as a hub of African entrepreneurial success. The East African country is often overshadowed by the continent’s other business power centers: Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. But it has seven of the top 30 most promising entrepreneurs under the age of 35, according to Forbes. Most of the top-ranked entrepreneurs have started

‘Warren Buffett has some excellent advice for foundations that they probably won’t take’

Warren Buffett’s advice to stick with low-cost index funds rather than high-fee money managers makes sense for philanthropies as well. “America’s foundations are taking money that could be devoted to their programs — to alleviate global poverty, to improve education, to support medical research or promote the arts — and transferring it to wealthy asset managers,” writes journalist Marc Gunther,

Overheard at the Near Future Summit

ImpactAlpha’s Zuleyma Bebell joined Kimbal Musk, comedian/activist Fran Drescher and the folks from Obvious Ventures this week at the Near Future Summit, the invite-only bash in La Jolla, Calif., hosted by Zem Joaquin, founder of Ecofabulous.com. Bebell sipped decades-old-tea with a tea master, ate algae-based shrimp and dined on sustainable seafood, all the while keeping