New Products Attract Investors to the Conservation Finance Marketplace

Climate Finance “Our clients are looking for these opportunities, and we are learning from and are encouraged by the innovation and measurable market growth,” Camilla Seth, executive director of JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s sustainable finance unit, said in a statement. A couple years ago, environmentalists were excited that $5.1 billion had been invested in

SoFi raises $500 million to expand to Australia and Canada

SoFi has raised $500 million to expand to Australia and Canada. The online personal finance company, launched as a platform for refinancing student loans, has now raised $2 billion to date. The company will use funding from the round to expand into international markets, including Australia and Canada. It is also expanding its product offering, which includes student

Lebanon Seed Fund launches with $20 million for Mideast startups

The Lebanon Seed Fund has launched with $20 million for startups in the Middle East. The new fund from the Beirut unit of Flat6Labs, is looking to invest in 100 startups over the next five years. Most of seed funding will go to tech and science-focused ventures, such as information and communications technology, electronics, manufacturing solutions, and

IFC stocks the pipeline of early-stage startups

The Cairo-based Flat6Labs accelerator is one of five investments in the International Finance Corporation’s initiative to boost earlier stage ventures, known as the Startup Catalyst initiative. The IFC, part of the World Bank Group, is looking to expand its early-stage venture portfolio from $30 million to $100 million. The IFC has typically backed companies raising growth

Civic tech goes local to boost community problem-solving

From new positions at City Hall (think: Chief Technology Officers) and public-service fellowships to innovation units in the Mayor’s office, civic engagement is getting a tech makeover. New experiments and old partners are coming together to reimagine civic engagement, and not only in a few star cities. In smaller cities and rural communities, public officials

The best alternative to public schools? Nonprofit public charter schools

Not all school choices are equal. Policymakers are considering vouchers and other ways to encourage alternatives to traditional public schools. They should note research that shows that the best performing non-traditional schools look like traditional public schools. These charter schools are “nonprofit public schools, open to all and accountable to public authorities,” according to Kevin Carey at

Can corporates turn consumer marketing power against malnutrition?

Low- and middle-income countries confront a “double burden”: both underweight and overweight populations. Extreme hunger has been reduced in recent years, but more than 790 million people worldwide don’t regularly get adequate amounts of energy from their diets. U.N. Global Goal №2 is an end to hunger and malnutrition by 2030; if current trends continue, the