Everytable tests variable pricing model for healthy food in Los Angeles

Everytable made a splash when it promised to charge less for the same nutritious meals in poor neighborhoods than in wealthier ones. Nine months after launching its first grab-and-go health food storefront in lower-income South Los Angeles, Everytable is opening three locations this month, in Baldwin Hills, downtown LA and Santa Monica. A central kitchen supplies

Get My Parking raises $1.1 million to ease traffic in India

Get My Parking has raised $1.1 million to ease traffic in India. Get My Parking, based in New Delhi, works with governments and companies to digitize parking spaces and then connects drivers to open spots, easing traffic caused by cars circling for parking. The year-and-a-half old startup raised more than a million dollars from Indian Angel Network,

U.K. NEST pension fund allocates $162 million to UBS climate fund

Climate Finance The U.K. NEST pension fund has allocated $162 million to a UBS climate fund. The government-backed workplace pension fund is the second U.K. pension fund since November, after the HSBC Bank U.K. Pension Scheme, to integrate climate into its investment considerations. NEST invested £130 million ($162 million) into UBS’s Life Climate Aware World Equity

Fusion Pharmaceuticals launches with $25 million to develop cancer treatment

Fusion Pharmaceuticals has launched with $25 million to develop a treatment for cancer. Fusion, based in Ontario, Canada, is developing a targeted deliver of alpha particles to kill tumor cells “with remarkable precision and unprecedented potency.” It will use the Series A financing from venture investor Johnson & Johnson Innovation, HealthCap, TPG Biotech, Genesys Capital and

Recycling more plastics could generate up to $120 billion in revenues

Perhaps the famous career advice in “The Graduate” should have been two words: recycled plastics. Only 14 percent of the plastic packaging in the modern economy is recycled. Recycling the other 86 percent could generate between $80 and $120 billion in annual revenues, say the World Economic Forum and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Tech companies

Saudi Aramco’s stranded assets

2030 When Saudi Arabia’s oil giant announced plans last year to sell five percent of its shares in an initial public offering, a Saudi prince estimated the value of the company at $2 trillion. Analysts now believe Aramco value is worth perhaps half, and maybe only one-fifth, of that amount, Bloomberg reports. One reason for

Facebook to connect three million Ugandans with 500 miles of fiber

Facebook will connect three million Ugandans with 500 miles of fiber. Only about one in five Africans have access to the internet, which means four in five can’t access Facebook. The social network is partnering with mobile operators Airtel and BCS in Uganda to lay underground fiber and deliver internet to more than three million people. The