Why is Cleantech Still a Dirty Word for Investors? (podcast)

Climate Finance https://medium.com/media/ecd55fa1f9cd2c83d228972a14902dad/href Now the 2016 numbers are in, thanks to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. And the worldwide totals are (drumroll) a drop of 18 percent, to $287.5 billion. That was mirrored in the U.S. where investments in renewable energy and energy-smat technology fell to $59 billion from $63 billion in 2015. What gives? That’s the

M-Pesa has a new competitor, and a 10-year head start

The Kenya Bankers Association is trying to catch up to M-Pesa’s runaway success with its own mobile money service, PesaLink. The consortium of big name banks participating may give the brand some clout, but M-Pesa could be a tough to dislodge. Launched in 2007 by Safaricom, Kenya’s biggest telecom, M-Pesa has over 25 million users

Miyokos Kitchen raises $6 million to expand “alternative dairy” line

Vegan dairy producer Miyoko’s Kitchen has raised a Series B round backed by private equity fund JMK Consumer Growth Partners, Obvious Ventures and Stray Dog Capital. The company was founded in 2014 and sells “cheese” and “butter” products in grocery stores across the U.S. Driven by concerns about obesity and diabetes (and by Instagram), the market for

LandMapp raises funds to help farmers secure land rights in Ghana

Omidyar Network and HERi Africa are backing Dutch-based LandMapp to help smallholder farmers secure deeds to their lands. Many of the more than 500 million smallholder farmers worldwide do not have documentation of their land ownership. That makes it nearly impossible for them to get loans to invest in their farms to boost productivity and income growth.

Commitments by TriLinc Global hit $500 million

TriLinc Global, one of the few asset managers to offer impact vehicles open to retail investors, said its total trade financing and revolving credit to small and mid-size businesses since 2013 had surpassed the half-billion mark. With another $25.8 million committed in January, Trilinc said its current financing commitments are more than $270 million. (As

WEBINAR: Climate action opportunities for investors now

Climate Finance “Investors who wait risk missing an opportunity,” write analysts at Cornerstone Capital, the sustainable investment advisory firm founded by former UBS research chief Erika Karp. Global trends will continue regardless of Trump administration moves: renewables investment is up, including by U.S. cities and states; companies are investing in more efficient water and energy use;

$500,000 in grants to help Australia social enterprises get “Impact Investment Ready”

Impact Investing Australia and Philanthropy Australia will provide nonprofits with up to $50,000 each to help them transition to self-sustaining models and become less dependent on government or philanthropic grants. Impact investing is “potentially 20 times what is available in grants,” said Chris Wooten of Philanthropy Australia. The National Australia Bank contributed half of the