21st Century Business Innovation: Reflections on the Global Entrepreneurship Summit

The final day of The Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) held last week at Stanford University opened with the cast of HBO’s hit comedy “Silicon Valley” dramatically leaping into the audience to rapturous applause from over 700 entrepreneurs from 170 countries. Before they left the stage, the group of comedians told the audience they would show

#Dealflow 6.30.16: Capria Launches $100 Million Fund, Raises by UnCommon Cacao, Impact Engine and More

Regular readers of ImpactAlpha know we’ve been following (here and here) the development of Capria, an impact investing fund with a novel strategy — incubating and investing in first-time impact fund managers who can then leverage Capria’s investment to raise additional funds and seed dozens if not hundreds of impact enterprises around the world. It turns out President

ImPact Primer: How Global Trends are Driving Impact Investments in Real Assets

Increasing urbanization in the developing world, resource scarcity, population growth, and climate change are creating investment opportunities in real assets. https://medium.com/media/931686666222591e0bb3ac6897853f11/href These investments can produce tangible, scalable impact alongside attractive financial returns. The ImPact primer on real assets, the fourth in its asset class series, explores two categories of investment opportunities in real assets. A few

Will Millennials Lead an Intergenerational Transfer of Attitudes? And are Donald Trump’s Golf Courses Impact Investments? (Podcast)

Millennials. They’ve surpassed baby boomers as the largest generation in American history. A plurality of them live with their parents. They’re more diverse, yet less religious. They make less money, and hold more debt. And in the next couple of decades, more than $30 trillion dollars in assets is expected to change hands in the so-called “intergenerational

#Dealflow 6.23.16: Funds Boost Global Entrepreneurship, Chan-Zuckerberg Backs Andela, and a Bump for Diabetes Prevention

There’s nothing like a gathering of more than a thousand global entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon Valley, headlined by President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, to bring out the announcements of new funds and initiatives. The 7th annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit is in full swing at Stanford University, so we are

ImPact Primer: How to Get Started in Early-Stage Impact Investing

Families looking for innovation and entrepreneurship can invest in mission-driven early-stage startup companies , either directly or through a fund manager. https://medium.com/media/931686666222591e0bb3ac6897853f11/href Direct Investment can create invaluable experiences for a family, cultivating a family’s entrepreneurial legacy and creating learning opportunities within a new industry or market. Ian Simmons and Liesel Pritzker Simmons of Blue Haven Initiative (BHI)

ImPact Primer: Can You Drive Impact Through Public Equity Investing? Here’s How

The ImPact, a new investor network aiming to normalize impact investing among the world’s wealthiest families, tackles public equities, an often overlooked asset class in impact investing, in the second primer in its asset class series. https://medium.com/media/931686666222591e0bb3ac6897853f11/href The report, Public Equity and Impact Investing, explores the diversity and demonstrable track records that make public equity strategies