The $1 Trillion Challenge: Can Clean Energy Investors Fulfill Global Climate Deal?

Bill Gates is raising the stakes at this week’s global climate conference in Paris, with an expected announcement of a multi-billion dollar fund for clean energy research and development. According to ClimateWire, Gates and other billionaires will make the pledge as part of an effort to secure a commitment from India to carbon-reduction goals. That is a

Equilibrium’s Dave Chen: Pension Funds Tipping Toward Sustainable Investments (Podcast)

The tipping point toward sustainability as a truly compelling investment thesis won’t come until pension funds and other institutional investors start to write checks of hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars. That day may already have come, says Dave Chen, CEO of Equilibrium Capital in Portland, Ore., which counts pension funds as investors

Filling in the Social Enterprise Map: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Ghana

Social enterprise is flourishing throughout the Commonwealth. To document the entrepreneurs and investors who are fueling this growth, the British Council has commissioned a set of social enterprise landscape maps of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Ghana The Council’s Global Social Enterprise Programme has tapped Ennovent and ANDE to map the size and scale of the social enterprise sector in India.

The Power of the Purse: The Five P’s for Shifting Finance to Help Women and Girls

Purchasing power. Portfolio power. Philanthropic power. Political power. and ‘preneur power. Geri Stengel, president of Ventureneer, a digital media and market research company, has a good piece on rounding up the many ways consumers, investors, philanthropists, citizens and, yes, entrepreneurs can both harness and help the growing power of women and girls. Finance can impact issues as

Here’s the Dirt on the International Year of Soils

The International Year of Soils is coming to a close. Though you wouldn’t know it from the Food and Agriculture Organization’s dirt-poor marketing campaign, there are rich possibilities for investing in soil health. “Let’s Talk About Soil,” a recent report from the PYMWYMIC investor community in the Netherlands shines a light on several opportunities to invest in soil

An Impact Investment Fund for (Dutch) Retail Investors

Triodos Investment Management, a EUR 2.5 billion AUM Impact Asset Manager launched its first retail product earlier this week. The Triodos Multi Impact Fund Currently is only available on the Dutch market via its mother company Triodos Bank, as well as by Rabobank. It will be available on Euronext Fund Service from 1 December 2015. This is

DealFlow Nov. 12-19: ImpactAlpha’s Roundup of Investments, Raises and Exits

Mid-November seems to be season for new impact funds. TOMS launches social enterprise fund. “Buy one-get one” poster child TOMS has started its own fund for social start ups. The popular canvas shoe maker seeded the fund with capital it raised by selling 50 percent of company to Bain Capital last year. Bain answered some of the