Agents of Impact Podcast | June 5, 2024

Hope Mago: Finding alpha with a ‘gainful jobs’ strategy

David Bank
ImpactAlpha Editor

David Bank

An environment that helps every employee be their best “can drive multiples of enterprise value,” Hope Mago of HCAP Partners says in the latest ImpactAlpha Agents of Impact podcast. The San Diego-based private equity firm, which has raised $670 million across five funds, helps its portfolio companies implement “gainful jobs” strategies that include opportunities for career advancement, wealth creation and health and well-being.

“We have to move away from this extractive mentality private equity had in the past where you come in, you strip assets and lease them back, you offshore jobs,” Mago said. “This approach where we’re creating value, where we’re partnering with the workers, where we’re partnering with stakeholders for the benefit for everyone in the community, I think that’s the best pathway for us to realize better returns.” HCAP Partners last month assessed its entire portfolio using WORC’s “Worthwhile Jobs Survey.”