Risks and Returns

Given the pace, uptick, and growth of impact investing, it is no wonder that it is now one of the fastest growing areas in the world of finance. ImpactAlpha’s Risk and Rewards takes a look at this industry in its infancy, and this emerging area which is no stranger to dilemmas and debates. On one side are the critics who say that it will never produce the real returns needed to invoke change, and on the other are proponents who argue this is a sure bet that can help transform the world. We frame the debate, and examine the work and progress of impact investing, taking a deep look at the risks and rewards, as well as the wins and losses of companies and portfolios.

Can a Robot do Your Job?

Almost half of the activities for which people are paid almost $16 trillion in wages could be automated with current technology, according to an ongoing study from McKinsey Global Institute. Whether that includes your job depends on the extent to...

Crunch Time for the Owners of the Universe

The history of the 21st century will show that early in the second decade, pension and sovereign wealth funds that own the world’s largest pools of assets started slowly but decisively to shift their capital toward a low-carbon, socially...


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