Climate Finance

CaptureAs climate concerns and other environmental anxieties mount, Wall Street and NGOs are working together to hammer the complexities of conservation into the kind of mature, repeatable financial products bankers sell every day. Green bonds, sustainable commodities, ecosystem services, carbon credits — some sectors of the conservation market are nearly ready to attract mainstream capital to bankroll large-scale restoration and conservation.


Growing Republican support for a carbon tax

Former Secretary of State James A. Baker III and party elders are pushing a “conservative climate solution.” In return for a $40 per ton tax on carbon dioxide, the plan would scrap the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan and protect fossil...

New agriculture fund to protect forests, too

Norway has pledged $100 million to a $400 million fund to protect five million hectares of forest and peatlands by 2020. The new fund, to be managed by the Dutch manager IDH, will invest in forest-rich countries to boost the productivity of farmers...


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